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Stichting Light for Asia
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Stichting Light for Asia
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Peter & Tatjana Bak
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Chiang Rai 57000,

M. Peter      +66 (0) 85 719 9810
M. Tatjana      +66 (0) 81 169 6268


You can read the latest news from "House of Refuge" here.

Two super fun days!

altThe local government hospital in Chiang Rai organized 2 days of creative activities for girls from two locations, where girls live with similar backgrounds. A total of 60 girls were invited including the girls from House of Refuge. These days were partly were partly organized by a team of psychologists that House of Refuge works with. This meant that several of the girls already knew them and this gave them a chance to get to know more girls from other locations as well.

The goal was to give the girls an awesome and relaxing time in which they could learn new things, get to know each other and have fun.
The girls made masks, played with clay, played games, and painted t-shirts. When the t-shirts were done they got to take them home. It was a wonderful two days and the girls enjoyed it tremendously.

Having fun and relaxing is important but we also hope that creativity can help the girls develop, discover their talents, and help them express what goes on inside of them. These are small steps in processing their past and building towards their new future. For the girls this was the first time something like this was done in their own language and the first time it was done by people in the area. We are thankful for this initiative.

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Family Day!

altEvery year we have a day we call “Family Day” where the girls’ family members can come visit. They come to see how their daughter/niece/granddaughter is doing at Baan Phak Phing. They get to see what life here looks like and get to know the staff and other girls. There is also an opportunity for them to ask questions and to eat together. It is always a very good day.
Why have a Family Day?
The girls who live at Baan Phak Phing do not have a safe home situation. Their families cannot provide the required safety due to the circumstances they reside in. This is horrible but the family is thankful that at Baan Phak Phing there is a safe place for their daughter/niece/granddaughter to live. We believe that family relationships are very important for the girls’ wellbeing which is why we have these Family Days and are always open for contact with the family. During the summer break the staff also spend many hours on the road taking the girls to visit relatives.
For some girls this day is very hard because they do not have a family or they are unable to come. This reality is very difficult and hard to accept sometimes. This is why we try to make it a fun day for everyone by watching a movie, doing crafts, or going somewhere fun. This year we can look back on a successful day.



Having fun preparing food together!


It is summer break! There is a coming and going of girls who are visiting family and coming back again. Those who are staying at home are enjoying the break from school and help with the chores that need to happen and help with cooking food as well. Working together is always more fun than doing it alone and it leaves more time to do other fun things, like swimming, watching movies, or playing games. In Thailand eating together is very important and a lot of time is spent on it.
An American volunteer who is teaching English here is in turn also being taught by the staff and the girls. Cooking is one of the things they are teaching her as American and Thai food are two entirely different things. Even preparing the ingredients and using a knife are different but everyone gets the job done in their own way.
Finally it is time to tuck in and the food disappears in short order! 





On the 20th of April 3 Dutch ladies: Lydia, Anita, and Jedidja arrived in Chiang Rai to run a summer camp. Here is a report of their experiences.
We tremendously enjoyed hanging out with the girls at Baan Phak Phing during the summer camp!
The first day began by making sock puppets that the girls later used during their English lesson. It was super cool to see how creative everyone is.
Thereafter the girls were split into three different groups. Lydia did all kinds of creative things with the girls like painting and making necklaces. All the girls were very proud of their creations.
Anita taught the girls English through games and songs. They learned new words by sticking sticky notes on kitchen utensils and machines. At the end of the two weeks we got to hear everything they had learned in the final performance.
Jedidja taught the girls how to play the recorder. She was amazed at how fast they were able to pick it up. Without being able to communicate using language it is still possible to learn to play a musical instrument. It was great to see the girls so enthusiastic and to be able to hear everything during the final performance.
On the Dutch holiday called Koningsdag (King’s day) we had a big celebration at Baan Phak Phing. Flags were painted on faces and everyone put something orange in their hair. We had a lot of fun playing Old Dutch games with the girls and to finish it all off we had Dutch pancakes made by Peter and Tatjana.
We are thankful for all the people who gave towards this camp because this allowed us to take the girls out for dinner to Thai barbeque (หมูกระทะ) with loads of food and ice cream after. We also got to take the girls to a just recently opened waterpark nearby and they had an amazing time.
Another day the girls took us with them on a trip to the local zoo and one of the many waterfalls. The water at the waterfall was cold but everyone still went in for a swim.
Each day the staff prepared an amazing lunch for everyone to eat and most nights we got to join the different houses for dinner. This was a beautiful opportunity to get a taste of life at Baan Phak Phing.
We had an awesome time here, enjoyed everyone’s company and got to see the delighted looks on the girls’ faces.
A heartfelt thank you to everyone who supported us with finances and/or in prayer.



Not just work!

altThere is a lot of work to do in and around House of Refuge and this year Peter has a young lady helping him out 2 days per week. She knows how to work hard and they have been able to get a lot done in a short amount of time. In the same way the projects that need to be done for safety and hygiene are getting done now as well. Right now they are working on making new doors for the kitchen cupboards because the previous doors were rotten all the way through. Wood also attracts termites and that is something you don’t want in your kitchen. Aside from doing all these jobs it is important to realize and remember why we do this work. We live here in Thailand because of the girls and it is important to be constantly aware of this and spend time with the girls. Every week we eat at one of the three houses so we can spend time with the girls and staff. It is always a good time and helps us keep our goals in sight.


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