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Nathan's Blog

Back for a bit!


For Nathan Christmas break consisted of being back in Thailand with his parents and brother where he spent the better part of 10 years. If, when you move out, you go live as far away as he did you can’t just drop by for a visit whenever you want. You won’t be able to go visit your friends and family frequently. That’s why his break was packed with visits, doing the things he missed, enjoying the Thai culture and Thai food. We are enjoying each other’s company and are happy that Nathan can be here.
In a couple of days he will return to the Netherlands where he will continue with his studies and his life there.

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Nathan has graduated!


On Thursday, July 15th, Peter, Tatjana, Chester, Jeremy, and Izzy travelled to Chiang Mai to celebrate Nathan's graduation with him. Nathan graduated from the DTS, which is a Bible School, run by YWAM (Youth With A Mission). This school runs for 6 months and is split into 2 parts, the lecture phase and the outreach phase. The lecture phase was done in Chiang Mai and the outreach phase was done in 3 different locations; Faang in the north of Thailand, Phuket in the south of Thailand, and Jordan in the Middle East. During the outreach phase Nathan and his team taught Muslim children, talked with and listened to stories with refugees from Syria who fled to Jordan. He grew closer to God during his time at the DTS and this experience also helped him to become more independent, living away from his parents(Peter and Tatjana)
He is thankful for this time he got to have in which he got to experience so many things and learn new things as well.


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Pedestrian crossing!

During the rainy season the streets and sidewalks become very green and slippery and we end up having to clean it. The best way to do this is to use a pressure washer. This seemed like a nice job for Nathan. When he was about half-way done he got bored and started to get some creative ideas. He started making a pedestrian crossing in the street and then decided that it would be good to also have a parking ban on that section so he made the sidewalk edge black and white. That’s how dirty the street gets during rainy season.
It’s good to see that you can have so much fun while working.


Vacation to Nan and Chiang Mai

During our vacation we (Peter, Tatjana and Nathan) did and saw a lot of things.
One of the most interesting of all experiences was one that happened while we were staying at a hotel in Chiang Mai located near the train station, called the “Bossotel”.
While me and my dad were walking towards our hotel room, just returning from a visit to a grocery store, we witnessed a spectacular event that was worth capturing on my cellphone.
What happened was that the hotel had hired some people to fix a lightbulb in the lobby, and so a group of 5 people came to finish the job.
Now, I have seen many crazy things in Thailand that were totally against the Dutch safety regulations, but this was the best I have ever seen.

Here is the pic:


Fleeing the heat!

What do you do when it is very hot! You don’t know what you can do anymore because even swimming only brings temporary relief and then only when you are actually in the water. Going to the mall is another idea because they have air-conditioning there but the entire city is already going there and we don’t like big crowds. What else is there? Oh…. We could go bowling because they have air-conditioning there too. So the four of us went bowling and the nice thing was that we were the only ones there until shortly before we left. It was super nice and quiet… Much better than the mall.


Science Fair!

March is the time of year when the international school where Jeremy and Nathan study has its science fair and every student or class has to do something for it.
Nathan had to do a project within set guidelines. His class had to research how a person can concentrate the best. Nathan’s job was to research if doing mathematical problems and listen to a movie would work well together. His conclusion was that a person’s concentration drastically decreases when listening to a movie, although the type of movie did influence the degree of loss of concentration. A comedy was a greater distraction than say an action movie. Nathan is hoping that next year he’ll get to choose his own project or that the teacher will come up with something a little bit more fun because he didn’t like this year’s project at all.
Jeremy did have free choice and from the start of the schoolyear he had the idea to make a potato gun and he succeeded in making one. During the science fair he was able to shoot a bunch of potatoes and of course this drew lots of attention. This was Jeremy’s last project for a science fair at this school. At the end of May his time at this school is over and he will be going into a new phase of his life. Exciting!

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