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Stichting Light for Asia
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Stichting Light for Asia
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Peter & Tatjana Bak
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Jeremy's Blog

Jeremy is visiting!


After being gone for almost a year, Jeremy is back in Thailand for 7 weeks. He has enjoyed being around the International School, where he studied, for the last week of the school year. He got to see many classmates, friends from school, and teachers during that time. We also celebrated his 20th birthday with a cheesecake that he, unknowingly, brought with him from the Netherlands. Of course he didn’t bring the whole thing ready-made, he brought certain key ingredients that we can’t get here in Thailand.
Aside from enjoying the free time and time spent together, Jeremy helps his father with some projects around House of Refuge. Right now they are mainly working on steel doors and fencing. But like always there are little things that come up every day, like a leaky roof caused by one of the many tropical storms this time of year which needed to be fixed. Peter enjoys working together with Jeremy a lot because they understand each other and work well together.
It is great to finally be able to talk face-to-face with him again but we do miss his girlfriend. We would have loved to have her here with us during this time.
When Jeremy arrived his suitcase was filled with a lot of Dutch treats.




After 4 years of High School it was finally time for Jeremy to graduate. Amazing! Jeremy had good grades. Good to the point that he scored highest in his class which meant that he was the Valedictorian. This means that you have to give a speech at the Graduation ceremony. Jeremy surprised everyone with his speech because he is normally not the kind of person who uses a lot of words or shares his emotions but this time he did… In front of a big crowd. In the Dutch tradition we hung out the flag with his schoolbag hanging from the top of the pole.
After the graduation ceremony Jeremy and his class and their homeroom teacher went on vacation to Hua Hin. Throughout their senior year the whole class worked hard to earn enough money to go on this trip. They had an amazing week. The last day of school they were back for the school picnic. This is an event that always takes place on the last day of the school year and everyone and their families is invited. After that the 3 month long summer break starts.
Jeremy will be going to the Netherlands for a year to work after which he plans to continue his education in the USA. Exciting times!


Wat doen die jonge mannen nu?

Voor dit artikel is geen vertaling beschikbaar.
There is no translation available for this article.

altEen kleine update over de jonge mannen van de familie Bak. Want, zul je je afvragen, wat doen die in hun dagelijkse leven?

Jeremy is op dit moment 17 jaar en zit in 11th Grade van de Internationale school. Dit betekent dat hij hierna nog 1 jaar moet om af te kunnen afstuderen aan de High School. Jeremy is op dit moment aan het nadenken over wat hij als vervolgopleiding zou willen gaan doen. Dit valt lang niet mee! Het lijkt erop dat hij een opleiding in de techniek wel ziet zitten. Komende zomer gaat hij een aantal verschillende opleidingen en scholen bezoeken om zo een indruk op te doen van wat het in gaat houden. Op de foto is Jeremy samen met Peter bezig aan een opdracht voor Science.

Nathan gaat lekker op school, vermaakt zich goed in zijn klas, waar alleen maar jongens in zitten. :) Voetbal is zijn grote passie! Hij zit op een lokale voetbalclub en trained elke zaterdag. Nathan vindt het ook leuk om gids te zijn, dus als je op bezoek komt in Thailand dan weet je wie je vragen kunt om een dagje uit te gaan. Hij weet inmiddels al heel veel en kan een aardig woordje Thais. Onze laatste gasten kunnen ervan getuigen dat Nathan een prima gids is.alt

altChester studeert in Chiang Mai de DTS. Dit is een bijbelschool met theorie en praktijk. Hij zit in een groep van 9 studenten met 7 verschillende nationaliteiten.
 Hij heeft het enorm naar zijn zin. De theoriefase duurt nu nog maar 5 weken en dan begint de 7 weken durende praktijkfase. Chester gaat met de helft van de groep naar Nepal.


Foosball Table

During our last furlough Peter and Jeremy came up with the idea to make a foosball table. Yes, you’re reading it correctly! They wanted to make it themselves. For a very long time now Jeremy has been looking for a foosball table but in Northern Thailand it is impossible to find a shop that sells one. And even if there was a shop that sold them it would still have been way too expensive. So they decided to look on the internet for building schematics and to just make it themselves. In the Netherlands Peter and Jeremy bought the figures and the scorekeeping racks but the rest of it was made here. The result is magnificent. The table has already been used for some tournaments and it works well. Feel free to come by some time then you can play too.



Voor dit artikel is geen vertaling beschikbaar.
There is no translation available for this article.
Gisteren heb ik samen met Gerrita (iemand die bij ons verblijft)
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