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Stichting Light for Asia
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Onder vermelding van “Project Thailand”
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Stichting Light for Asia
Melkkruid 47,
1441 XS Purmerend
T.  06-81513248
E. stichtinglightforasia

Peter & Tatjana Bak
PO Box 61 Muang,
Chiang Rai 57000,

M. Peter      +66 (0) 85 719 9810
M. Tatjana      +66 (0) 81 169 6268

Sleep well

altSometimes you have underlying problems that aren’t that obvious at first glance. If there were problems, then you soon forget those because the day has already started, but you’re still stuck with the question of why you are feeling so tired or why you are hurting all over. And when suddenly the penny drops, you can finally take action. It turns out that all the mattresses at House of Refuge were due for replacement, both for the girls and the “mothers”. Around that same time, we received word from New Zealand that someone wanted to make a donation which ended up paying for 9 new mattresses. 9 girls can now sleep a whole lot better and are getting up in the morning feeling refreshed and ready to start the day. We now have about 1/5th of the mattresses replaced with another 4/5ths to go. The mothers are also happy because well-rested girls mean a positive outlook on life which then influences the atmosphere and the girls’ performance in school.



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Gitaar leren spelen
Tatjana Bak | 27 March 2020, 00.00 | Nieuws
Gitaar leren spelen
Voor dit artikel is geen vertaling beschikbaar.There is no translation available for this article. Ze kwam eind van het schooljaar in ons huis wonen en werd daardoor niet aangenomen op school, ze moet wachten totdat het nieuwe...
Tatjana Bak | 05 March 2020, 00.00 | Tatjana's Blog
Voor dit artikel is geen vertaling beschikbaar.There is no translation available for this article. In februari hadden we goede vrienden op bezoek. Wij wilden hen verrassen met een leuk uitstapje, met name voor één van hen zou...
Inspection and insurance
Tatjana Bak | 25 February 2020, 00.00 | Nieuws
Inspection and insurance
In Thailand you can get your motorcycle license at 15 and a lot of the girls do that. They find it very exciting but also very fun because it gives them more freedom which until that moment they didn’t have. For the...
Real love!
Tatjana Bak | 07 February 2020, 00.00 | Tatjana's Blog
Real love!
Some women like to receive flowers from their husband every once in a while but not all men do it. Some men would rather show their love by doing or making things for you. Like renovating a bathroom and putting a brand new,...