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Stichting Light for Asia
NL 70 RABO 0126 9283 39 te Monnickendam
Onder vermelding van “Project Thailand”
ANBI    Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling

Stichting Light for Asia
Melkkruid 47,
1441 XS Purmerend
T.  06-81513248
E. stichtinglightforasia

Peter & Tatjana Bak
PO Box 61 Muang,
Chiang Rai 57000,

M. Peter      +66 (0) 85 719 9810
M. Tatjana      +66 (0) 81 169 6268

It's so cold here!

What do you do when it is cold? You put on a t-shirt, a sweater, a jacket, a coat, long pants, socks, and above all gloves. Yes we live in Thailand, but last December and January it was really cold for us. Often it would be 10°C when we woke up in the morning. The rest of the year the days usually start at 25°C. At a meeting with our colleagues everyone was wearing gloves and yet we were still cold because we don’t have any heating systems.

So if it is winter anyways what do Dutch people like to eat? Kale with sausage of course. We were lucky that we had people from the Netherlands visiting and they had it with them. We had a fun time with Dutch people in Thailand. Thank you very much. The food was delicious.


Blessing in Disguise

In the middle of October, one day Peter was working hard and the next he had a motorcycle accident because of a tree root on the road. He had two choices. The tree root and try to balance or hit a car that was passing and not know if you will survive. Luckily Peter chose for the tree root. The whole right side of his body was covered in abrasions and he had to go to the hospital every day to get the wounds cleaned out. Everyone was alarmed and wanted to know if Peter was doing okay. So everyone came to visit. As I’m writing this we can only see the scars and other than that Peter is healthy and he has no lasting damage. We are thankful for the good ending to this incident.


Sports day

All three of them actually wanted to be sick for a day. They were asking if we didn’t have to go to Mae Sai for a visa run so they could skip sports day. But alas! When they arrived at school and started playing the games with their teams they had a ton of fun and they were driven to achieve victory. Of course there can only be one winner. There were 12 teams in total and Chester, Jeremy, and Nathan were all in different teams. The teams were made up of young and old meaning that 5 year olds were on the same team as 17 year olds. The little ones helped the big kids, whoops! I meant the other way around. So it was giving and taking! This was pretty hard on the fanatics out there. The atmosphere was good and the games were fun. In the morning it was cloudy and so it didn’t get too hot. In the afternoon the sun was shining and the temperature rose. Chester’s and Jeremy’s teams were close together on the score board and the last game would decide who would win. And the person who hated sports day most walked away with the prize. Yes that is Chester, the least athletic of the 3.


From the Netherlands to Thailand

It is the August of 2013 and we are still on furlough in the Netherlands. After an incredible time of meeting people and giving presentations, we had the chance to relax in Germany for a few weeks. The last week of our furlough was very special for us as a family. We stayed in Monnickendam, which is close by both (grand) parents. Every day we were invited for dinner by either one of our (grand) parents. We have really been able
to enjoy each other. As is true for almost everything, there came an end to that week. We had to say goodbye to them and all the rest of our friends in the Netherlands. Through this article we want to thank everyone we were able to meet, those people who made an attempt to meet us, and everyone else who contributed to making our time in the Netherlands special. We also appreciate the people who have started to sponsor us financially. Living from donations is not easy and for a while, we had a large shortage, which was caused by many different factors. However, this has been partially restored through our new sponsors. We are currently back in Thailand and once again we find chili peppers in our food. According to Tatjana and Nathan those are fun to play with. Meanwhile, Peter and I celebrated our 20th anniversary and we are looking forward to all the years to come.
Warm greetings from a rainy/hot Thailand.



Goede herinneringen

Voor dit artikel is geen vertaling beschikbaar.
There is no translation available for this article.

Het nieuwe jaar is alweer begonnen, maar wij kijken terug op een gezellige drukke decembermaand. Opa en oma Bak waren bij ons en naast het kerst vieren op school, in de kerk en met alle staf en meisjes van De Schuilplaats hebben wij thuis samen met opa en oma ook kerst gevierd.

We hebben ook heerlijk uitstapjes gemaakt, onder andere een bergrit naar Doi Mae Salong.alt Het was prachtig. Er zijn daar veel theeplantages en natuurlijk stopten we onderweg voor een bakkie. We mochten daar verschillende soorten thee proeven en ruiken in kleine theekopjes. Het was erg koud daar boven en de warmte van zo'n theekopje was erg welkom voor onze koude handen. Opa en oma hadden geen last van de kou, zij vonden het gewoonweg een heerlijk temperatuurtje. Maar wij inmiddels al half Thai en volledig geacclimatiseerd aan het klimaat vonden het erg koud.altalt















Naast de uitstapjes hebben we ook vele spelletjes gespeeld en vooral veel geklaverjast. Chester vindt dat spel maar niets en verkoos monopoly boven klaverjassen. Jeremy en Natha zijn onder het toeziend oog van opa en oma al aardig goed geworden in het spel en vinden het helemaal geweldig. Ze kijken nu al uit naar ons verlof komende zomer waarin zij een heleboel spelletjes hopen te spelen met opa en oma Bak.altalt

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