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Stichting Light for Asia
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Fleeing the heat!

What do you do when it is very hot! You don’t know what you can do anymore because even swimming only brings temporary relief and then only when you are actually in the water. Going to the mall is another idea because they have air-conditioning there but the entire city is already going there and we don’t like big crowds. What else is there? Oh…. We could go bowling because they have air-conditioning there too. So the four of us went bowling and the nice thing was that we were the only ones there until shortly before we left. It was super nice and quiet… Much better than the mall.


Science Fair!

March is the time of year when the international school where Jeremy and Nathan study has its science fair and every student or class has to do something for it.
Nathan had to do a project within set guidelines. His class had to research how a person can concentrate the best. Nathan’s job was to research if doing mathematical problems and listen to a movie would work well together. His conclusion was that a person’s concentration drastically decreases when listening to a movie, although the type of movie did influence the degree of loss of concentration. A comedy was a greater distraction than say an action movie. Nathan is hoping that next year he’ll get to choose his own project or that the teacher will come up with something a little bit more fun because he didn’t like this year’s project at all.
Jeremy did have free choice and from the start of the schoolyear he had the idea to make a potato gun and he succeeded in making one. During the science fair he was able to shoot a bunch of potatoes and of course this drew lots of attention. This was Jeremy’s last project for a science fair at this school. At the end of May his time at this school is over and he will be going into a new phase of his life. Exciting!


Muscle Ache!

As some of you might know I (Tatjana) have always been crazy about horses and at a young age I had the opportunity to turn that love for horses into a hobby. From the time I was 9 until I was 18 you could usually find me at a local farm a few times a week and I thoroughly enjoyed taking care of the horses as well as riding them together with my friends. After I turned 18 I still rode horses every now and then but it happened very rarely. Since we moved to Thailand I haven’t had the chance to ride horses until very recently. Here in the north of Thailand you don’t see many horses and when you do find them they are generally not used for riding. Occasionally you will find them on the military base in Chiang Mai. A little while ago Jeremy, Nathan, and I had the chance to ride horses here in Chiang Rai. For Jeremy and Nathan it was a bit awkward at first but after a bit of help and instructions they were able to ride pretty well and they want to continue learning. For me it was pure nostalgia but it felt different than it had in the past. I used to not be scared of anything which sometimes led to me riding a horse that I knew couldn’t be trusted which resulted in me falling off. But now it’s different. At first I felt uneasy and the horse noticed that. So I also received instructions and that helped boost my confidence. In the end I greatly enjoyed getting to do this again after such a long time. When can we go again???
Sadly I had to pay the price the next day as I woke up very sore. But if that’s the cost of doing something I haven’t done in a long time then sign me up!


The first one has left the nest!

At the end of February Chester finally got word that he could go work in Bangkok and that there was a place for him to live. And because Chester had been waiting for a while he acted immediately and bought a bus ticket, packed his bag and left that same night. While he was on the bus he suddenly realized what this step meant, “I’ve left my safe environment and am on my way to a completely new life.”
Chester now works with the communications department of YWAM(Youth With A Mission). He only works there in the afternoons because in order to effectively communicate in Thailand he needs to speak Thai fluently, which is why Chester is currently studying at a Thai language school to raise his level of Thai.
Chester lives near his work in a big family. It is a Thai couple with 2 biological children and 10 boys under the age of 16. He has his own room there.
It has become much quieter for us in Chiang Rai now that Chester is gone. Chester was gone much of last year as well for the bible school and in October for work in Bangkok, but it looks like this time he will be gone for a while longer.


Happy New Year!!!

We wish you a very Happy New Year!!!!

We have been in Thailand for 9 years now and because this is a very special milestone we have made a video for you. To watch that video please click on the image below.

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