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Stichting Light for Asia
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Stichting Light for Asia
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Peter & Tatjana Bak
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Chiang Rai 57000,

M. Peter      +66 (0) 85 719 9810
M. Tatjana      +66 (0) 81 169 6268

Visiting a former colleague!

altIn December we got to spend a couple of days visiting a former colleague of ours and her husband. Last June she quit her job with us so she could get married to a Danish man and move to Aalborg in northern Denmark with him. It was good to see her again after working with her for 9 years and we had a great time with them. They received us with open arms and showed us some places in the area. We went to the Christmas market and the seaside which was fun but extremely cold. We are thankful for the time we got to spend with them.

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Eating good food!


What a treat it was! Everywhere we went we got treated to amazing food but every now and then we got a chance to cook for others as well. This is noticeable in the way our clothes fit and our appearance.

But if we are being honest we enjoyed eating all of that goodness because there are a lot of things that we can’t make or buy in Thailand. Some things we try to make ourselves and it tastes good but it is not the same as in the Netherlands. It was good to be able to enjoy family and friends during these meals. The food digests quickly but the memories of our times together will stay with us for a long time and the memories is what it is all about for us. Thank you for your hospitality and for the time you took to spend with us. Until next time y’all!

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Whenever we get visitors or volunteers we always take them on an outing. Where? Well… that depends on the visitor. We have many different places we can take them like temples, the Golden Triangle, the elephant village, or a mountain where they grow coffee and tea. This time we combined several things into one trip that took us by a water dam, tea plantations and eventually to the coffee village. The coffee village, Doi Chaang, lies at 1600 meters altitude and the trip there is very beautiful. The coffee plants are in full bloom at this time of year and at the end of this month they will start with the harvest. At the water dam you can wash your car and yourself all the while sliding down a concrete slope. It is really a gathering place for the population.


Feet on Dutch soil!


It is November 2016 and we are in the Netherlands. It is cold and wet but we are enjoying it. Sleeping under the warm blankets but with a cold nose sticking above them is awesome. This is something that we don’t get in Thailand. Going outside for a walk or a bike ride without sweating is amazing because in Thailand you start sweating before you’ve even started.
Going over to friends and family for a cup of coffee, celebrating together and meeting lots and lots of people in church or during one of our open houses. We are thankful for the many people that surround us and that we now get to meet and talk with. The first open house has come and gone, and it was a very good day. We hope that the next two open house days will be just as good. Be welcome! Don’t be shy because this is your chance!
We have also just had the first big celebration and the next one is around the corner. Both our fathers (the boys’ grandfathers) are celebrating their birthdays of 75 and 80 years old. Very special ages and it is great to be able to celebrate this with them and the rest of the family.

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Pedestrian crossing!

During the rainy season the streets and sidewalks become very green and slippery and we end up having to clean it. The best way to do this is to use a pressure washer. This seemed like a nice job for Nathan. When he was about half-way done he got bored and started to get some creative ideas. He started making a pedestrian crossing in the street and then decided that it would be good to also have a parking ban on that section so he made the sidewalk edge black and white. That’s how dirty the street gets during rainy season.
It’s good to see that you can have so much fun while working.

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