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Stichting Light for Asia
NL 70 RABO 0126 9283 39 te Monnickendam
Onder vermelding van “Project Thailand”
ANBI    Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling

Stichting Light for Asia
Melkkruid 47,
1441 XS Purmerend
T.  06-81513248
E. stichtinglightforasia

Peter & Tatjana Bak
PO Box 61 Muang,
Chiang Rai 57000,

M. Peter      +66 (0) 85 719 9810
M. Tatjana      +66 (0) 81 169 6268

Welcome at the Bak Family website

Through this website we want to keep everybody up-to-date on our weal and woe here in Thailand. We have already lived here several years and we still have things we want to share with our visitors.

Our personal news can be found in the various blogs.

Of course we also have to work. Besides the daily routines with our own boys we have our daily work at the ministry "House of Refuge" where the kids stay.
News about the "House of Refuge" can be found under the tab "News".

Besides all the information on this website we also publish a newsletter once every two months. Normally we send this newsletter by e-mail but if you prefer a paper version then we are happy to send it by mail. This paper newsletter is also available to people who don't have access to a computer and/or internet.
Do you know someone that would like to be kept up-to-date through this newsletter, please send us an email.

Furthermore this website is pretty much self explanatory.
Have fun reading and perhaps we'll meet someday.



Latest articles

The holidays
Tatjana Bak | 23 January 2020, 03.53 | Nieuws
The holidays
The December holidays are already far behind us but we were able to create some beautiful memories. We hope the girls enjoyed it so much they’ll remember it for a long time. The Christmas celebration with all the girls,...
Yes no yes no
Tatjana Bak | 07 January 2020, 00.00 | Peter's Blog
Yes no yes no
At the end of December, we, Chester, Peter and Tatjana, had a week off. We wanted to go driving around on our motorcycles for a couple of days. The plan was to head towards the northeast of the province of Chiang Rai and take...
Visisting sponsors
Tatjana Bak | 16 December 2019, 07.11 | Nieuws
Visisting sponsors
In the space of only a couple of weeks we had visits from 3 different families who have all supported House of Refuge for years. They are from the United States, Canada, and Thailand. It’s great when people decide to become a...
In all those thirteen years
Tatjana Bak | 05 December 2019, 00.00 | Tatjana's Blog
In all those thirteen years
We have lived in Thailand for almost 13 years. We will celebrate this on the 1st of January, 2020. But that is not what this story is about. In all those 13 years I have never once bought a traditional Thai formal outfit....